Crowned Princess for a Day
Bringing Smiles To Brevard County, FL
Open weekdays 9am - 5pm
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Package #1
Includes: A personalized email message from your chosen character for your child to enjoy.
Price: $1.99 per message. 
Package #2
Package #3
Crowned Princess for a Day Products
Imagine the look of joy on your child's face when they receive a special letter, note, autographed photo and/or email message from their favorite character. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, get well, just for fun and more. 

*NOTES* All our packages are tailored with you and your child mind. The mailing packages will be created and mailed to you within 3-5 business days plus additional time for shipping and handling. Shipping and handling fees may apply depending on exact location.  You can expect to receive the personalized email messages within 24 hours after you purchase them. 


-Blue Bird
-Dorothy or Glinda the Good Witch
-Alice or the Queen of Hearts

If you have any questions regarding my products or would like more information, please contact me.
Includes: A beautiful personalized note with colorful stickers in the mail from your chosen character. 
Price: $3.99 per note. Add an autographed photo of character for an additional $5.99. 
Includes: a beautiful autographed photo of and from character in the mail for your child to keep and enjoy.

Price: $5.99 per photo . 
Package #4
Includes a beautiful  personalized letter in the mail of and from character for your child to keep and enjoy.
Price: $8.99 per letter.
Package #5
Package #6
Combine all packages for $26.95

Mix and match any packages of your choice. Please contact Maggie Merritt for further info and a price quote. 

Need more information? Feel free to contact me. I am happy to help.