Crowned Princess for a Day
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Give your child a day to always cherish
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Autographed Photo
Your child can receive a beautiful autographed photo of their favorite character in the mail. 

Price: $5. 
Stickers and Note
Personalized Letter
Mail from a Princess
Imagine the look of joy on your child's face when they receive a special gift in the mail from a real life fairytale character. 

*Prices and packages are listed. Available to ship internationally. Shipping and handling fee may apply.

*Packages are perfect for birthdays, get well, just for fun, holidays, congratulation, just for fun and more. 

*Each letter is personalized and created with you and your child in mind. An example of the letter and autographed photo package are below.

*If you would like this package  from a non princess character, feel free to let me know. I offer a variety of character choices, such as, cowgirl, superhero, mermaid, fairy, blue bird, Dorothy, Glinda, Alice, Queen of Hearts...
Your child can receive colorful stickers and a personalized note from chosen character in the mail. 

Price: $5.
Your child can receive a beautiful personalized letter written by and sent in the mail from chosen character. Child can even write back and receive a personal reply from character.

Price: $8
A Little Bit of Everything
Your child can receive a beautiful autographed photo, stickers and a personalized letter sent in mail from chosen character. One personal reply from character if child writes or draws a picture back.


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